What are the Best Gyms in Swords, Dublin

Discovering the best gyms in Swords, Dublin, offers a variety of options tailored to different fitness goals, preferences, and lifestyles. Here’s our comprehensive overview of standout gyms in the area, each offering unique facilities and services to cater to a broad range of fitness enthusiasts.

FLYEfit Swords

FLYEfit Swords, located in Airside Retail Park, is praised for its extensive range of cutting-edge equipment, including a vast selection of cardio machines, a spin studio, an Astro area, and Olympic lifting facilities. It stands out for its size and the variety of equipment available, catering to all fitness levels. However, some members have voiced concerns about the clarity of opening times and maintenance of equipment.

Gym Plus Swords

Gym Plus Swords, nestled in the heart of Applewood village, is known for its community vibe and comprehensive facilities, which include a sauna, a 20-meter swimming pool, free weights, physiotherapy, a Jacuzzi, a wide range of group classes, and a Keiser Cycle Studio. It’s particularly recommended for its luxurious amenities and inclusive environment, welcoming members of all ages and fitness levels.

Verve Gym

Verve Gym emphasizes convenience and affordability, offering free weights and machines, cardio-vascular equipment, fitness classes, and a sauna and steam room. It’s celebrated for its welcoming environment and the inclusion of classes in the membership, making it a great value option for those looking to combine gym access with group fitness opportunities.

Swords Fitness Hub

Swords Fitness Hub specializes in personal training and sports therapy, boasting top coaches and flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules. It focuses on providing bespoke training plans tailored to individual goals, fitness history, and availability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking personalized fitness guidance.


FBT Gym offers an appealing blend of affordability and comprehensive support, with memberships at €39 per month that include full use of the gym, a free induction, and access to all classes. It stands out for its focus on body transformation, personal training, and group training sessions, catering to those looking for structured support in achieving their fitness goals.

Each of these gyms in Swords, Dublin, has its unique strengths, from state-of-the-art facilities and luxurious amenities to personalized training and affordable memberships. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned athlete, Swords offers a gym to suit every preference and need.

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